ADHD is a dopamine disorder, not a learning disability.

There are a lot of misconceptions about ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) presentation and neurological differences as compared to neurotypical brains. ADHD is fundamentally a dopamine disorder – namely ADHD brains are starved of dopamine. People tend to think of ADHD as a lack of motivation or poor intelligence; rather than a scientific classification of […]

What are the best Antiandrogens? Limited studies exist.

When I asked my Doctor about whether Spironolactone actually worked, he said it worked well for some people. I mentioned the lack of consensus in studies about efficacy and he simply stated that antiandrogen studies were very limited and pointed to this reference: 5 | CONCLUSIONAntiandrogens are frequently added to estradiol to assist withfeminization and suppression […]

Maximum Transfeminine breast development. What is the hard evidence?

A question that comes up often is whether high Estradiol, early Progesterone, or early/high Spironolactone may stunt or limit good breast development. There are limited studies on this topic; however, here are some resources to help shed some light: 1. High Estradiol Gender Analysis has a citation for high Estradiol and resultant poor breast development. […]

Male to Female Hip Widening, what options really exist?

So you finally began to transition and it’s too late for any substantial bone development changes to occur. (after age 25) What can you do to widen your hips? Listed here from research and novel thinking is a list of realistic and totally speculative/impractical findings: 1. Before age 25 hip widening may happen via HRT […]

Plume: legitimate or a scam? A full review and rating of the service. has gotten a lot of attention and is increasingly popular due to the convenience of telehealth – especially during the 2020 Pandemic. Around the web you’ll find a lot of questions about the legitimacy, limits, and process. Much of this is covered on the Plume website, but I’ll be coming at this review with […]

Surprise! Treating ADHD using Finasteride, why isn’t this better studied?

Anecdotal I asked my Doctor about taking Finasteride and was surprised when I was immediately prescribed a 5mg dose rather than 1mg. I decided to try it at that dosage anyway to better note any side effects. I was expecting to feel tired and weak, lose erections and libido, etc. but instead I noted that […]