Anecdotal and proven uses for Progesterone for Transfeminine HRT

Recently I started Progesterone, specifically 100mg “bio identical” Oral Micronized taken as suppository (hole poked in the capsule with a safety pin, run under water for a second to soften, then insert with a little lubricant for priming). Without doing a lot of research I noticed some things simply based on the effects I felt […]

Can Estradiol Monotherapy work for you? Will you need antiandrogens?

A lot of people start HRT using blockers such as Spironolactone to suppress Testosterone with the goal of achieving typical cis women levels for optimum feminization. Some people even try a “low and slow” method of antiandrogen monotherapy for several months before starting Estradiol therapy. One frequent question is whether Estradiol Monotherapy (only dosing Estradiol […]

My Non Binary Transfeminine Timeline

I started HRT without any specific physical goals in mind, other than the hope that it might help with my issues of depersonalization. It ended up helping a lot with Dopamine function right away (correcting anhedonia) and slowly after 4+ months it helped a little with depersonalization. At the time of this writing (20210205) I […]

How long does Feminization actually take? Are you stunted?

When reading about how long fat changes take once HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) begins (Estradiol, or E2), you’ll find the scale of months or years; both anecdotally and on Wikipedia: 1. Transgender hormone therapy (male-to-female) Effect Time to expectedonset of effect[a] Time to expectedmaximum effect[a][b] Permanency if hormonetherapy is stopped Breast development and nipple/areolar enlargement 2–6 months […]