Can Estradiol Monotherapy work for you? Will you need antiandrogens?

A lot of people start HRT using blockers such as Spironolactone to suppress Testosterone with the goal of achieving typical cis women levels for optimum feminization. Some people even try a “low and slow” method of antiandrogen monotherapy for several months before starting Estradiol therapy. One frequent question is whether Estradiol Monotherapy (only dosing Estradiol […]

What are the best Antiandrogens? Limited studies exist.

When I asked my Doctor about whether Spironolactone actually worked, he said it worked well for some people. I mentioned the lack of consensus in studies about efficacy and he simply stated that antiandrogen studies were very limited and pointed to this reference: 5 | CONCLUSIONAntiandrogens are frequently added to estradiol to assist withfeminization and suppression […]