Wendler Glottoplasty with Dr. Antonio Ballestas Morales / Voice Feminization Surgery / Voicefem.com Review

I was researching voice feminization surgery yet again a while back and somehow landed on transgendermap.com: https://www.transgendermap.com/medical/surgery/voice/feminization/ There was a reference to voicefem.com there and some youtube reviews. There are plenty of before/after Rainbow Readings for voicefem.com on their Instagram, but not many longer term reviews and really nothing about the overall process. I wanted […]

Gender Affirming Surgery that removes your gag reflex

This was originally a horny/haha social media post, but then I did some research. TLDR and then I’ll go into detail: – gag reflex consists of base of tongue, tonsils, and back of throat– about 10-15% of people have a hypersensitive reflex, and there are medical options– the 3 relevant surgeries are: Tonsillectomy, Uvulectomy, and […]