Response to BBC: The lesbians who feel pressured to have sex and relationships with trans women

I encountered this article on regarding trans women and the pressure cis women lesbians feel to have sex with them… frankly it rubbed me the wrong way, so much that I felt compelled to respond in an unofficial way (the only way I can respond to a hyperbolic sensationalist syndication). The lesbians who feel […]

Anecdotal and proven uses for Progesterone for Transfeminine HRT

Recently I started Progesterone, specifically 100mg “bio identical” Oral Micronized taken as suppository (hole poked in the capsule with a safety pin, run under water for a second to soften, then insert with a little lubricant for priming). Without doing a lot of research I noticed some things simply based on the effects I felt […]

Novel and off-label ADHD medications you’ve never heard of.

If you talk to a psychiatrist, like I have, they will mention stimulants as a treatment for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Commonly “Adderall” or “Ritalin” for example. While researching various other topics and bouncing ideas around with people online, I’ve run into a fair number of other novel, off-label, or less considered medications that […]

Estradiol impact on Autism Spectrum Disorder, Empathy, and Depersonalization

When I started investigating depersonalization I ran into this article: Depersonalization in gender dysphoria: widespread and widely unrecognized Cool… I was in a dark place and my depersonalization I realized was sky high. Was it always this bad? I felt like my body was a stranger’s body and I was stuck inside of […]

ADHD is a dopamine disorder, not a learning disability.

There are a lot of misconceptions about ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) presentation and neurological differences as compared to neurotypical brains. ADHD is fundamentally a dopamine disorder – namely ADHD brains are starved of dopamine. People tend to think of ADHD as a lack of motivation or poor intelligence; rather than a scientific classification of […]

Surprise! Treating ADHD using Finasteride, why isn’t this better studied?

Anecdotal I asked my Doctor about taking Finasteride and was surprised when I was immediately prescribed a 5mg dose rather than 1mg. I decided to try it at that dosage anyway to better note any side effects. I was expecting to feel tired and weak, lose erections and libido, etc. but instead I noted that […]