Transgender Dysphoria Blues

I’m really happy for you! That’s the first real smile I have seen on you since you were just a little baby ?

What my dad texted me after seeing a picture of me after Facial Feminization Surgery; 2021-11

If I saw you in a bathroom 20 years ago, I would have thought you were a faggot and wanted to beat the shit out of you.

My dad during a video call; 2021-09

I don’t have time for this. I don’t care what that little faggot is doing.

My little brother at my dad’s house during Thanksgiving, talking about an email I sent them both; 2021-11

You’re intelligent and sweet and you make me smile every time I talk to you. You have a kind heart and I’m forever amazed by your attention and dedication to those you care about, including myself. You’re a noble soul who sticks to their true self no matter what society says, and I respect and look up to you.

My friend Ryan in Virginia, who really loves sandwiches; 2021-11

I don’t think of people as their faces.

What my mom told me after I asked what she thought of my face after Facial Feminization Surgery; 2021-11

You’re hot even when you’re bald.

Average bald femby appreciator; 2021-09

That feeling when you’re little spoon and your wife is squeezing your tits, and all you can think about is how you want to feel a hard dick pressing against you, and the spot where there is supposed to be a vagina is tingling; then you just break down and your whole body shakes and you start sobbing.

Anonymous; 2021-11

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