Male to Female Hip Widening, what options really exist?

So you finally began to transition and it’s too late for any substantial bone development changes to occur. (after age 25) What can you do to widen your hips? Listed here from research and novel thinking is a list of realistic and totally speculative/impractical findings:

1. Before age 25 hip widening may happen via HRT before the bones are completely fused:

2. Hips continue widening with age:

3. Keep in mind that pear/hourglass figures even in women are fairly rare: (~25% pear, ~8% hourglass):

Hourglass figure in Wiki:

Of the 6,000 women’s body shapes analyzed in the study, 46 percent were described as rectangular, with the waist less than nine inches smaller than the hips or bust.

4. The average Waist Hip Ratio for women is above 0.8; the differences between men and women are not dramatic on average:

You can track your waist to hip ratio progress throughout your transition:

5. There are many gluteus exercises to increase hip size; commonly: squats, side leg lifts, steps, etc. Stepper type exercise machines will focus on these areas. An example of common butt exercises:

6. There is an emerging surgery for hip widening; pelvic osteoplasty:

7. Fat transplant or buttock augmentation surgery:

8. Speculatively, female pregnancy hormones such as “Relaxin” may impact hip size; though there is no study to confirm this in the transgender community:

9. Speculatively, Mechanotransduction / Wolff’s Law may impact hip size or other skeletal remodeling over time in response to load or stimulus; though there is no study to confirm this in the transgender community:

10. Pelvic Tilt changes can happen over time at any age, and may affect the feminine appearance of hips:

11. TransfeminineScience has a great writeup about bone changes – not a lot of change unfortunately; however, large Waist to Hip Ratio changes did occur despite a lack of major bone changes:

12. 7 months on ankle weights + 4 months on HRT = ⌛ ??

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Routine: hip thrusts, Leg circles, fire hydrants, clamshells, donkey kicks. With a resist. band and ankle weights you can do all of them from home!


Physical changes after primary puberty are frustrating for people transitioning later in life, and options are limited. That said, the options are changing over time and our biohacking potential and human understanding is always improving. It’s also important to remember that the human representation is a gradient regardless of gender; women with narrow hips and men with wide hips are common. Women with pear shaped or hourglass shaped bodies are overrepresented in the media, though our societal preferences vary widely over time and culture.

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