Potential side effects from Finasteride. Is Dutasteride any better?

I was interested in taking Finasteride to see if it helped with hair loss and also to limit localized DHEA to DHT conversion in my body (side stepping Testosterone to DHT conversion). I was prescribed 5mg daily, which is a lot, but I thought it would make side effects very apparent. For me Finasteride was […]

My Non Binary Transfeminine Timeline

I started HRT without any specific physical goals in mind, other than the hope that it might help with my issues of depersonalization. It ended up helping a lot with Dopamine function right away (correcting anhedonia) and slowly after 4+ months it helped a little with depersonalization. At the time of this writing (20210205) I […]

The many strange ways you can regrow long lost hair!

We’ve all been told to preserve what hair we have by being proactive… well I never did that and didn’t care for almost 2 decades as I continued to become increasingly bald. This has led me to investigate various methods of hair recovery and their efficacy. Some of the items listed here are very well […]

How long does Feminization actually take? Are you stunted?

When reading about how long fat changes take once HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) begins (Estradiol, or E2), you’ll find the scale of months or years; both anecdotally and on Wikipedia: 1. Transgender hormone therapy (male-to-female) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transgender_hormone_therapy_(male-to-female) Effect Time to expectedonset of effect[a] Time to expectedmaximum effect[a][b] Permanency if hormonetherapy is stopped Breast development and nipple/areolar enlargement 2–6 months […]

Novel and off-label ADHD medications you’ve never heard of.

If you talk to a psychiatrist, like I have, they will mention stimulants as a treatment for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Commonly “Adderall” or “Ritalin” for example. While researching various other topics and bouncing ideas around with people online, I’ve run into a fair number of other novel, off-label, or less considered medications that […]

Estradiol impact on Autism Spectrum Disorder, Empathy, and Depersonalization

When I started investigating depersonalization I ran into this medium.com article: Depersonalization in gender dysphoria: widespread and widely unrecognized https://medium.com/@zinniajones/depersonalization-in-gender-dysphoria-widespread-and-widely-unrecognized-baaac395bcb0 Cool… I was in a dark place and my depersonalization I realized was sky high. Was it always this bad? I felt like my body was a stranger’s body and I was stuck inside of […]