Maximum Transfeminine breast development. What is the hard evidence?

A question that comes up often is whether high Estradiol, early Progesterone, or early/high Spironolactone may stunt or limit good breast development. There are limited studies on this topic; however, here are some resources to help shed some light: 1. High Estradiol Gender Analysis has a citation for high Estradiol and resultant poor breast development. […]

Surprise! Treating ADHD using Finasteride, why isn’t this better studied?

Anecdotal I asked my Doctor about taking Finasteride and was surprised when I was immediately prescribed a 5mg dose rather than 1mg. I decided to try it at that dosage anyway to better note any side effects. I was expecting to feel tired and weak, lose erections and libido, etc. but instead I noted that […]